"You don't keep doing business with an agency for 20 years unless you're comfortable working with them -- and you're getting real value out of the relationship. RC understands our business. They have good instincts for communicating with our customers. And they know the local advertising outlets that work best for us."

"Maybe the most important thing Debbie and Brian bring to us is they're proactive instead of reactive. They're always anticipating our needs, sometimes even before we've expressed them. It's comforting to count on people like that. We know they're always thinking about us and looking for creative yet strategically sound ways to promote the sport and the experience of bowling."

Don Armel, Operations Manager

"Our law firm had never retained a full-service marketing communications agency before, so when we hired RC six years ago, it was something of an experiment. It's been a huge success across the board. First they concepted and implemented a branding campaign via print advertising and publicity placements. Then they reinforced it by designing and writing our corporate brochure, our website and a variety of supporting promotional materials."

Brian is a master of the written word, whether he's preparing something from scratch or editing the draft of an article from one of our lawyers. He has a special gift for knowing just the right way to express an emotion or an idea, and to prepare and present information in a clear and compelling way. The quality of our external communications has improved dramatically in the time he's been on board. I can say unequivocally that RC is a resource we couldn't be without."

Arthur H. Blitz, Principal/Marketing Director

"I can't imagine any small agency actually delivering on both its performance promises and its commitment to client service more than Redman Communications. There's no way we would have had so much success our first year without them. They made the most of the media opportunities that existed, and were totally tenacious in going after other sources of exposure."

"Hard work usually is what it takes. These guys won't be denied when it comes to finding a peg for an article or an interview and pursuing publicity for us. I have had several colleagues ask about the great pr we get and I tell all of them the same thing. Hire these guys and you won't be disappointed."

Bob Fleshner, Race Director

"I've known Brian for more than 30 years and have used RC for the past 15. We first worked together on a van show at the old Capital Centre and I knew right away that he was my guy. He understands what the media wants and knows how to pitch a story with conviction and lots of reasons why it should run. And he always has a plan to repackage an idea if it doesn't sell the first time. Or the second...or..."

"Debbie has become the point person on both of our shows and I have only wonderful things to say about her. Debbie keeps me on task and on schedule to do what's needed to properly promote an event. It's pretty unusual to find someone who can kick your butt with a smile on her face."

Tom Stafford, Owner/Producer

"It's only a slight exaggeration to say that our program and Redman Communications have grown up together these past 20 years. They helped us figure out how to accentuate the best parts of medical marketing while overcoming the negative perceptions some people had about a doctor who was promoting himself. And whether it was writing radio copy for a drug research study, preparing and producing our newsletter or getting me on a show to talk about a new medication, I knew their work would be first-rate.

I remember several reporters and tv people paying RC the ultimate compliment. The words may have differed a bit, but what they were all saying was that RC was 'pleasantly persistent' in suggesting a story idea and following up in hopes of making it happen. That approach has certainly worked wonders for us; I've done hundreds of television and radio interviews and been quoted a likewise number of times in print."

Dr Arthur Frank, Medical Director,

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